Ames Place Parking Guidelines

Parking within Ames Place is reserved for Ames Place residents and their guests. All others will be towed at the owner’s expense. 

Please park in front of your own home. The curb space fronting a single-family home should be reserved for the residents of that home and their visitors. When planning an event or gathering at your home, please inform your neighbors of possible parking overflow. 

Alleys should only be used for parking during those times when street parking is limited — i.e. curbside leaf pickup weeks, block parties, and subdivision events such as the 4th of July party or Fall Festival. When parking in the alley, please pull up as close to your property line as possible. Do not park near the dumpsters or in any way restrict your neighbor’s garage access. 

The residents of the apartments on University Drive may only park in front of or to the side of the apartment buildings, or in the designated parking spaces behind the apartments. Parking in the alley behind University Drive is strictly forbidden. Any unauthorized cars parking in front, behind, or to the side of any single family home or garage will be towed at the owner’s expense. 

In Short:

  1. If an unknown car is parked in front of your home and has an Ames Place sticker, it should not be issued a warning.  Please check all the windows for the Ames Place sticker.  It is the responsibility of residents to be considerate of their neighbors’ needs and to have open and respectful lines of communication.
  2. If a car does not have an Ames Place sticker, it can be warned and towed even if it belongs to a resident. Agents and other residents can’t possibly know which car belongs to which resident.
  3. Residents have priority for the spaces in front of their homes. Others should not occupy parking spaces in front of their neighbor’s homes for long periods of time. If they do have guests or other family members visiting, please advise your neighbors of the visits. If neighbors need the spaces in front of their homes, please be considerate and have your guests be flexible in terms of where they park.
  4. In general, communicate with each other on parking. We all live in the same neighborhood so hopefully we can work together to find reasonable solutions to parking and other issues.

Report a unauthorized vehicle parked in Ames…contact Cirri Moran at mailto:[email protected]​  

If you are a Washington University student living in an apartment on University Drive please contact Res Life for a permit.  Ames Place will not issue you a residential sticker.

Request a Parking Sticker