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Ames Place Trees
Care and
Ames Place
Tree Species
Wind/Storm Damage
Since Ames Place was founded in 1914, our neighborhood is marching towards the century mark. Our trees are also aging. Most of the sycamores were planted between 1915 and 1930. They were selected because they are fast-growing and would mature quickly. The flip-side is: they are shorter-lived. Our sycamores are now at the end of their life-span. Furthermore, they also have contracted anthracnose. Small, brittle "witches' brooms" and premature leaf-fall are among the symptoms of this fungal disease, resulting in most of our post-storm debris in the streets.

Rainbow Tree Care

Your help would be appreciated in clearing up after windy days and storms. Small branches and limbs (3 in" diameter or less) should be cut or broken up into lengths of no longer than 4 ft. and bundled for curb pickup by U. City. If the neighborhood sustains major storm damage, with many downed medium and large limbs from the Ames Place-owned trees, we will contract to have limbs picked up in the neighborhood. Please keep an eye out for a notice on the Ames Place Web site after a major storm.

We repeat ... It is the Homeowner's responsibility to inform the Agents of any tree or branch that could be hazardous to people or property. Unforeseen damage to cars/houses due to storms and wind is deemed "an act of God." However, we prefer to emphasize preventive care in order to minimize such occurrences. We conduct an annual walkthrough with a certified arborist to identify impending issues. However, we rely mostly on your feedback, questions, and concerns.