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Our plentiful, mature trees are part of the appeal of Ames Place. The subdivision owns the trees in the tree lawn (the grassy strip between our sidewalks and streets) and in the Kingsbury median strip. All other trees are owned by individual property owners.

Ames Place works within two major constraints: the sheer scope of the job and the yearly budget. The subdivision consists of 204 homes and approximately 530 trees at any given time. It is impossible to keep track of the fluctuating status of all growing trees at all times. Furthermore, tree work is expensive. We must prioritize and budget major tree work along with all the other maintenance and capital improvements of the neighborhood. The annual assessments and your input and understanding are our only offsets to the rising cost and time commitment needed to keep our trees thriving.

The Agents strive to maintain the subdivision's trees in a scheduled, comprehensive manner. This is a time-consuming, expensive process. It includes planting new trees, regular pruning, and removing dead or hazardous trees when needed. We also walk the entire neighborhood annually with a certified arborist to identify potential problems. Please refer to the Agents page to see who oversees the care of the subdivision's trees.

Homeowners play an important role as well in caring for the trees owned by Ames Place. General clean-up of twigs and branches in the streets and area around each home is the Homeowner's responsibility. In addition, it is the Homeowner's responsibility to inform the Agents of any tree or branch that could be hazardous to people or property. Wind damage or other damage relating to falling limbs is deemed "an act of God." We prefer to emphasize preventive care in order to minimize such occurrences. Thus, we rely on your feedback, questions, and concerns to be fully on top of the health and care of our trees.

We plant new trees as needed either in the early Spring or Fall. Once planted and mulched, they are at your mercy. A newly planted sapling needs a good soaking at least once every week during the growing season if a drenching rain has not fallen. We rely on you to care for them as they grow and add beauty, shade, and character to our homes and neighborhood.

Under no circumstance should an Ames Place-owned tree be removed or pruned without the approval of the Agents. Nor should any trees be planted in the commonly-owned tree lawn or median strip without the prior approval of the Agents.

Just as with people, as our trees grow and mature, they present challenges. Young trees need care and nurturing; mature trees need regular maintenance, and older trees need understanding.